Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Altered Art Canvas by F, age 10

Our second son caught the fever this Christmas and made this incredible piece of art for Mathiang. It is impressive - especially because our son - F - is only 10 years old!

Altered Art Canvas for my Honey

My husband needed something to spruce up his office and remind him that he is loved. This is the canvas I created for him. I was very pleased with the final product! He LOVED it!

Altered Art Canvas - Friend

Here is an altered art canvas I made this Christmas for a friend. It highlights their year as a family! I tried to choose silly pictures so they would smile every time they looked at it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Beach Letters ABC Wedding Gift

My first collage of the photos Reid and I took at Wild Dunes. It is a wedding gift for the couple whose last name is May. I was pleased with the final creation!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Altered Art Jar of Memories - Birthday

After my grandfather died, my sister thought of a creative gift to give her to help her remember the good times. We created a special jar filled with handwritten memories from all of the members of the family. It was a combined family effort to fill it with a memory for each day - 365 notes of love and encouragement!

My friend, PS, was trying to think of a special gift to give her father for his 70th birthday. When I suggested a "Jar of Memories" she loved the idea! She came over yesterday and we worked to create the special container. Even her nine year old daughter contributed to the special jar!

PS' dad loves golf, fishing, and a special color of "Caribbean Blue..." (Note the most popular color on the jar!) On the back will be all of the names of the members of the the same "Caribbean Blue!" :-) PS was going to ModPodge those when she arrived home.

The jar was so large, it was hard to get a picture of the entire masterpiece. Cards of memories yet to be added, but it turned out pretty neat! I think he will be thrilled when he receives this on his special day!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Altered Art Letter K and Letter A

These two letters were only my second attempt to create an altered piece. These two were created from the heart. Both held a hidden ear and significant meaning to my two precious friends, Kelsey and Amy! :-) I wish I'd taken more pictures of these, but didn't know I'd have a "creativity holding place" at the time! (You can click on the above pictures to make the bigger.)
These were sent to K and A, as they went to a Scrapbooking Event held in Ansley's honor. Here's a previous blog entry I wrote at the same time.

K & A - How I wanted to be with you today as well. It was such a blessing to me to know that although we were not all together to celebrate Ansley's birthday...we were all doing it in a way that celebrated who she was and the things she loved...Scrapbooking and Africa!

I prayed for you throughout the day as God brought you to mind. I am thankful you were together at "Scrap Pink!" Please know that in my heart I was celebrating with you as well. I love you both!

Happy Birthday Ansley - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13

Altered Art Recipe Box - Button Box

Becca, Jess and I got together to create recipe boxes. Jess turned hers into a "button box." I'm not sure why...could it be that she didn't have much use for a recipe box? Hmmm...I wonder.

Here's a shot of our three objects of beauty! After we made the boxes, we all signed each one to commemorate the fun day together! The signatures are on the bottom of the boxes.

Button box by fun would it be to find your buttons here?

Box by Becca...clean and crisp...notice the quote is perfectly aligned on both sides. Becca could teach me a thing or two on the computer! Ha-ha!

Box by me...feeling a little fun and funky!
The thing I LOVE about altered art is that EVERYONE'S personality and flair comes out in their pieces! Each creation is unique and beautiful! What a great time we had creating together!